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Selfie with the first dungeon! by AttackOfTheJack Selfie with the first dungeon! :iconattackofthejack:AttackOfTheJack 0 4 Zelda Gears Of Time: Bayland Village! by AttackOfTheJack Zelda Gears Of Time: Bayland Village! :iconattackofthejack:AttackOfTheJack 0 2 Zelda Gears Of Time fan Minecraft map! by AttackOfTheJack Zelda Gears Of Time fan Minecraft map! :iconattackofthejack:AttackOfTheJack 1 2 Wynn Chapter 2: The King's Recruits by AttackOfTheJack Wynn Chapter 2: The King's Recruits :iconattackofthejack:AttackOfTheJack 1 2 Wynn Chapter 1: Unexpected Beginning by AttackOfTheJack Wynn Chapter 1: Unexpected Beginning :iconattackofthejack:AttackOfTheJack 0 4 Sketches For Something by AttackOfTheJack Sketches For Something :iconattackofthejack:AttackOfTheJack 0 3 Pokemon Trainer Jack! by AttackOfTheJack Pokemon Trainer Jack! :iconattackofthejack:AttackOfTheJack 0 4 Paper Kirby Chapter 2: Klash Between Kings by AttackOfTheJack Paper Kirby Chapter 2: Klash Between Kings :iconattackofthejack:AttackOfTheJack 2 3 Paper Kirby Chapter 1: Into The Woods by AttackOfTheJack Paper Kirby Chapter 1: Into The Woods :iconattackofthejack:AttackOfTheJack 2 3 Paper Kirby Prolouge: The Mythic Spool by AttackOfTheJack Paper Kirby Prolouge: The Mythic Spool :iconattackofthejack:AttackOfTheJack 2 6


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Selfie with the first dungeon!
Currently I've been working on a fan made Legend of Zelda map "Gears of Time" Minecraft map, and I've just recently started on the first dungeon, Seaside Tower. I'm also currently Worked on a beach. If you have any feedback, ideas, or tips, please tell me! I'm also using the Athery's Ascended resource pack for the map (I don't own this resource pack. I also do not own Legend of Zelda, Nintendo does, and Minecraft is owned by Mojang.)
Stay tuned for more updates, and I'll see if I can post a download this weekend! Link La 
Zelda Gears Of Time: Bayland Village!
Alrighty, so lately I've been working on a fan made Zelda minecraft map called "The Legend of Zelda, Gears of Time." I've currently added the windmill, miner's house, trees, and mountains! I'd also like to thank my friend Johnny for helping me with small detail. I'll probably make a world download for people to check out this weekend! (Also, I do not own the Legend of Zelda franchise, Nintendo does)

I think my building skills have definitely become quite fabulous! Link: Purple is Fabulous  
Zelda Gears Of Time fan Minecraft map!
So, lately I've been working on a big project on minecraft! A fanmade game from the series,  "Legend Of Zelda."
This is a screen shot of my overall progress. This location in the game is called Bayland Village. The house in the bottom left corner is Link's House, the house on the hill is the village's warrior's house, the house in the middle is the shop, and the building is Town Hall. I'm also using a resource pack called Athery's Ascended (I do not own this resource pack by the way, I just think it looks good for the map). I'll probably release a download for the map so you can play around with it once Bayland  Village is done. For now, I'll see you all later!

Also, "The Legend Of Zelda" is owned by Nintendo and Minecraft is owned by mojang. I would also appreciate it if you would not take my ideas please and thank you :D
Wynn Chapter 2: The King's Recruits
Real quick before we start, I don't own most of the names, locations, etc. Wynncraft does

"Hello" Said the figure emerging from the smoke. It wobbled into view. It's head was jiggly and cube like. It's arms were floppy, as well as it's legs. "Yes!! It worked!" Exclaimed Chitin in excitement. "It doesn't look like how it looks in the picture though..." I said. "Who cares! It's still perfect!" said Chitin. "I'd rather be called 'He' or  'Peter" said Peter. "Oh! You have a name!"  Replied Chitin. "of course I do...." Said Peter. I'm not sure Chitin cared, but I was really uncomfortable with... multiple facts. One, being Chitin literally just turned a blob into a living person, two being this thing apparently has a name, and most importantly three, can the purple blob person PLEASE put some clothes on? "I'll go get you some clothes." It's like Chitin read my mind. Who knows though, he is a mage after all. Peter looked at me. "So.. whats your name?" he asked. "Jack" I replied. Soon after, Chitin came running in with some of my old clothes. "Put these on. They're stretchy, so you may be able to easily fit into them" Said Chitin has he handed Peter the clothes. "Thanks" He said, a bit weirded out. As soon as he put the clothes on, Chitin immediately started asking  Peter questions. "So, since you're in your human shape, could you maybe, oh, I don't know, Shoot a giant fire ball from your hands like they say in the book?!" He asked. "No" Peter answered. "Ok... than can you lift that 50 pound boulder outside? You surely have super strength by now!" He asked "No" said Peter. "Then.... can you do ANY of these things that they say in this book?" Chitin shoved the book in his face. "What do I look like, a slime guardian thing? I can't do any of this crud." Peter started to get annoyed. "What?!" Chitin looked in the book, flipped a couple pages and dropped the book. His face turned pale. "I did the wrong spell...  Crap." Chitin went from his rare excited mood to his normal grumpy tired mood. "I'll just go work on some potions I GUESS." He sighed and he walked out of the room. "Don't mind him. he's just agitated that he's not getting what he wants." I told Peter. "It's ok, thanks for killing those spiders back there. I get really ploopy when I see something bigger than me. Normally all slimes do." He said. Ploopy is an odd word. Reminds me when a blob of something falls, and ploopy is the sound when it hits the ground. In slow motion. I looked at the clock. "Oh! I just remembered! I'm going to head to Ragni. They're choosing the next royal recruits to defend Wynn." I told Peter. "Could I tag along?" Peter asked. "I guess. I don't want to be attacked by spiders again, at least alone this time." I said. I handed Peter a bag  that he could strap around his body,  and packed clothes, a sleeping bags, anything you'd take on a long trip. "We're all set!" We stepped outside. I looked behind us and saw Chitin trudging along behind us. "Now what Mr.Grump." I teased. "I'm coming with you guys. I want too see what the purple thing can do." He made up an excuse. "He's not your research doll." I said. He said nothing and just followed. We left the village. I grabbed my spear and walked forward. I felt like an important leader.... until my small glimpse of leadership was over when: "Hey I want a weapon!" Said Peter. "This one seem good." He took my spear and strapped it on his back. "Hey! Thats mine! Go make your own!" I tried to grab it. but Peter was too flexible I couldn't even grab my spear back. "Just let him have the spear Jack, you can probably get a new one in Ragni." Said Chitin. "Fiiiiiiiiine!" I grunted as I started to trudge like Chitin.

I swear, the walk to Ragni from Nilva was one of the most tiering walks ever. The path is twisty, birds sound good until after a while they won't shut up, and you always trip over a stump every 2 minutes. And it gets worse, when one of those damn spiders flung itself onto my face. "AH GAD GET IT OFF!" I flailed. "Hah!" Laughed Peter. I knocked the evil beast off my face and kicked it away. "Stupid arachnids." I grunted, and I trudged on. We eventually reached the exit of the forest, and came upon a field that spread to the horizon. There were a few farms, and guard towers along the path. In the distance, we saw a giant wall, and a Giant gate. "Only a couple more miles." I gasped "Wow.... I've never seen anything so... flat!" Peter Said. "You came from the jungle, so that explains why." Said Chitin.  After a couple miles of walking, we finally reached the giant wall. The wall towered over us. There were Giant golem guards blocking the entrance. Their Giant metal feet moved out of the way to let us through. We entered to find rows of houses. Peter took time to observe the houses around him, but I rushed over to the weapon smith. I've been saving up emeralds for a special crafted weapon. Emeralds were used as currency in the world of Wynn. You'd think that emeralds would be a rare mineral, but here, it's more common. I handed the smith 25 emeralds and he gave me me the spear. It was gold with blue  cloth like ribbon rapped around it. The blade was straight, but curved a little at the top. "It's perfect, thanks!" I said as I ran off. "Any time!" Said the weapon smith. The three of us walked up to the Castle at the end of the city. It wasn't a giant castle, it was more of a small fortress. Either way, it was still menacing. There was a crowd In front of the castle. They were all looking up st the wall. The king of Ragni was standing there, along with some royal guards. "Today!" he shouted "The kingdom shall choose more recruits, strong enough to defend our land. For generations, the undead has roamed this land, causing chaos and destroyed cities upon cities. This will be no more. Today is the day we will be choosing recruits to fight the undead and bring peace to our land!" Shouted the king. The crowd cheered. I noticed Peter had disappeared. I didn't think much about, until I saw one of the golems carrying Peter up to the king "Uh... Chitin..." I said  "This might be a problem..." Chitin started to hide in his robe. "Your majesty, I have found a warrior. His spear looks well crafted, and his biceps look big." The golem boomed. I think Peter used his blobiness to create fake biceps. I wish I could do that. Also, I think the golem was blind or something because my spear was not very well made. The golem plopped Peter on the ground and bowed. Peter bowed as well and said. "It's an honor to meet you, your majesty. My friends have traveled far to help  this kingdom gain peace." He said humbly, and pointed to me and Chitin. I froze solid and Chitin hid more into his robe. "A warrior and a mage... Interesting." The king said. "Very well. You three will be the next recruits!" The crowd cheered. I was nervous to the max. The king came down and said stuff. I seriously had no idea what was going on because I was so overwhelmed. The king left, and I looked at Peter, more annoyed than the time he ate the blue herbs I was trying to get in the last chapter. "Whats the matter? You wanted to become a recruit so I made us recruits." He said cheerfully. "I wasn't expecting to BECOME One! I don't even know the first thing about fighting!" I exclaimed "E.Enzan" Stuttered Chitin. "Whats an Enzan?" I asked. "S-Sorry. I'm very surprised. Anyway, I have a friend named Enzan. We should go see him about the recruit stuff. He is one of the royal guards, and he may be able to help us out." He said. "Sound good. Epic quests here we come." I said, and thus began an epic journey of three random people going on quests.
Sketches For Something
So, these are sketches for a series I'll be doing! It's something I've been planning for a long time.
The big reveal will be next week!
So.... I've been challenged to an 8 Facts meme by this newb --> :iconpeterthekirby: So yeah. Also, I don't get how this is a meme but let's get roiiiight into the 8 facts.

Fact Number 1: Peter gave me the idea to do my DA, and created my fan kirby character into my profile pic

Fact Number 2: The little hammer kirby you see here: :iconattackofthejack: was origonally first a Blue sword kirby, then a pink sword kirby but with blue shoes, and later changed to a pink hammer kirby when I played Kirby Return to Dreamland's True Arena because Hammer kirby saved my butt. and AGAIN was changed to a blue hammer kirby, as you all can see.

Fact Number 3: I was inspired to do Paper Kirby from a youtuber named Alex Covas, a youtuber who came up with another Paper Kirby.

Fact Number 4: The ribbons Kirby collects is inspired from the epic yarn Kirby collects in Kirby's Epic Yarn (Which was actually the first Kirby game I ever played)

Fact Number 5: AttackOfTheJack origonated from TOO many names to count. I will list a few like (Here we go) GoldenGuy101, KirbyJack101, RainbowGuy101, RainbowGuy111, Antasma'sApprentince, JackPlaysStuff, JackDoesStuff, ThatRandomGuy, JackAttack, AttackJack, and FINALLY, AttackOfTheJack.

Fact Number 6: I was inspired to draw from a friend of mine who draws very well.

Fact Number 7: This was gonna be an over complicated digital artwork DA, but it was simpled down to my own crafty hand drawn art.

Fact Number 8: The very first and very second video game I every played was a Mario game, and then a Kirby game (New Super Mario Bros Wii and Kirby's Epic Yarn) Which was probably the reason I combined two things I love.

Welp, That was my 8 Facts meme, and, continuing the trend I'd like to challange...'
:iconstewie106: the first person who welcomed me to DA (who wasn't Peter)
Good luck Stewie and thanks for welcoming me to DeviantArt!



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United States
Hello Everybody! I am the one and only AttackOfTheJack! My art style is Hand-Drawing, maybe digital art, we'll see what happens. Currently, I am working on a project combining two series I really like, Kirby, and Paper Mario, and together they create, Paper Kirby! I will be doing art of the story and how it progresses. My friend, PeterTheKirby has also uploaded pictures of this series, so go check him out, he was the one who helped me set up my account after all. Anyway, stay tuned for more artwork, or else you will be attacked by the Jack..... maybe?


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